Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Miss Chubby USA

Miss USA was on TV the other night. American Ali and I came up with an idea for the beauty contest for the rest of us...Miss Chubby USA. She awarded herself the coveted crown of "Miss Cankles Assflap" and I crowned myself "Miss Cottage Cheese Thighs Breastflap."
Let's take a look at the horrendous pictures they took of the real Miss USA contestants and then had the audacity to post them on their website. There are a few themes...
The Uncomfortable Boob-Squeeze Shot

The Tranny LookOh yeah, and West Virginia. Oh dear Lord West Virginia...

It looks like Donald Trump himself designed all the outfits (he owns the Miss USA/Miss Universe operation). It's like her boobs are two giant eyeballs playing a staring match with me. And I'm losing!


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