Thursday, March 09, 2006

Let's define...success

I think this may become a theme post for me. I find my rambling thoughts tend to go into these one-word redefinitions. The one the prof and I had a most interesting chat was on success. How do you define success? Does it depend upon the person? As in what is successful for one person is not the same as what is successful for another? I am saying this because it has been brought to my attention there are a few lame-ass haters out there, hating on me. All I gotta say is, it's hard out here for a pimp...(Sorry, great Oscar's winning song!) These people feel that I am not a successful person because I am not killing myself at a career I hate or working myself to death. When did we become so impressed by other people's overloaded schedules? Why do I feel guilty telling my classmates that I am only taking four courses this semester rather than the six they are taking? And I do say "only" four and then try to justify it.
So I am done ranting for a little while (I think) and really want to figure out how we can tell if we have become successful. My thoughts are it is something that we can't achieve until we admit it. In other words, you are successful only when you have decided you have become successful. I define success for me based upon my relationships with other people (do I have any? are they healthy and loving?), my relationship with myself (do I like me?), and how I feel about what I am doing with my life (am i happy? do i like what i have to do on a daily/weekly basis?). And I gotta say...I feel pretty successful. Yes, I am still in school, no, my house is not perfectly clean, no, I don't have any babies yet, no, I am not making a ton of money or have a fancy title. Even so, I am blessed with a lot of fantastic friends, an extremely compassionate and loving husband, a cuddly cat, food and shelter (plus a bit extra!), general good health, and an able mind and body. What more do I need?
I know this post didn't make much sense, but I do want a little discussion here. Do you think you are successful? Why or why not? How would you broadly define success or would you?


Blogger Kristen D said...

you are sooooooooo much succesful cause you are the best sister and friend
in the whole world, your family and friends love you,mango and travis also,
cme on....what else do you need???I feel succesful because I have
P.S COULDNĀ“T POST ANY COMMENT IN THE BLog, maybe is because of my
computer, but you can post this for me I wasnt everyone to know it, lov

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Brian C. Aber said...

You also have a big brother who loves you very much and is very proud of you. Like I always say ... if you are happy then you are successful.

Love ya,


3:41 PM  

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