Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Found out I never posted this post...WOOPS!

So the rest of my Hawaiian vacation involved me sitting on the beach reading the trashiest romance novels I could find. Seriously, one was a nice mix between the Highlander and the traditional Harlequin, lots of throbbing things and heaving bosoms. As we did not have a limitless amount of funds, we stayed on Oahu although the other islands would have been nice. Look at me bitching about a Hawaiian vacation in the middle of December. We went up to the North Shore and saw 20-30 foot waves! They were CRAZY. There were signs up all over the place warning swimmers to go in at their own risk. I laughed my ass off when I watched the skinniest Asian guy go down to the beach in his bathing suit as if he were going to dive in. Then he saw the sign and ran the other way. Had to be there maybe.


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