Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Found out I never posted this post...WOOPS!

So the rest of my Hawaiian vacation involved me sitting on the beach reading the trashiest romance novels I could find. Seriously, one was a nice mix between the Highlander and the traditional Harlequin, lots of throbbing things and heaving bosoms. As we did not have a limitless amount of funds, we stayed on Oahu although the other islands would have been nice. Look at me bitching about a Hawaiian vacation in the middle of December. We went up to the North Shore and saw 20-30 foot waves! They were CRAZY. There were signs up all over the place warning swimmers to go in at their own risk. I laughed my ass off when I watched the skinniest Asian guy go down to the beach in his bathing suit as if he were going to dive in. Then he saw the sign and ran the other way. Had to be there maybe.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

What I did on my Christmas vacation

I promised a recap on Hawaii and Christmas, complete with pictures, so here goes. I'm sure no one cares, but there are some real pretty pics so be sure to download, make it your wallpaper, and stare REALLY close to your screen while you have the heat blasted. You can pretend you are in Hawaii too. Don't forget the tropical alcoholic drink!!
This is a picture of a store in Newark airport Terminal C, where all Continental flights go. We took a commuter plane from Buffalo into Newark and had an hour before we had a NONSTOP flight from Newark to Honolulu. This store made me laugh out loud. I think it was the exclamation mark that did it for me. America! Fuck yeah!
Then we had a nine hour flight to Honolulu. In coach. In the back of the plane. But who cared, we were going to a tropical location, just like that episode of Jem when they went to Hawaii. Our hotel room was really nice and if you leaned the right way off the balcony you could see the sunset/rise over Waikiki. There is the prof enjoying his first trip to an island in the middle of the Pacific. His glee is probably more about the fact that it is one of the largest chemistry conferences and over 12,000 chemists descended upon poor, unsuspecting Honolulu that very day. Yeah, you read correctly. 12 freakin thousand. Scary isn't it.
Luckily, his presentation was the first day, so he got it out of the way (did fabulously I might add) and we had the rest of the time to relax and enjoy. Here he is pimpin' for his big debut. When we got to the conference center at the hotel, they asked if we had our badges. Let me ask you how logical this is: Send out vital, must-have pieces of paper to CHEMISTS months before the time they are needed. I did get a chuckle out of the guy's face when we told him we didn't have our badges. He looked like we told him chemistry has been banned, the entire world decided to re-enact Pearl Harbor right now, and could he kindly take off all his clothes and turn around while we poke things in his ass. Apparently, the face was rather accurate. If you were sent your badges, you had to take the shuttle to a different hotel in Waikiki where the registration people were and go through this rigmarole to get a new one. And the prof had to present in 15 minutes. So crazy-face guy said to just go ahead and present then get our badges afterwards. Now here's the really funny part, the security. Literally, every 20 feet or so stood a security guard asking for our badges. They were so close they could, if they had listened, heard the conversation we had with the previous guards as to why we didn't have a badge, blah blah blah. But no, after the fifth guard, I snapped. Anyone who knows me knows I can get a bit of temper, especially when confronted with the dumbest of the dumb (I attribute this trait to my father, he's the same way as are my bros). So poor guard number six got bitch Kristen. I believe as we approached him I said something like, "Yeah, we don't have our badges, we need to present in 15 minutes, Dr. So and so said it was okay, if you listened to the messages over your useless radios you would have known all this, thanks, and have a super day." I said all this while we just walked by not stopping. I half expected them to take us down. Now here's the really dumb part: they harassed us when we were LEAVING! If you didn't have a badge, you were apparently immobilized.
Besides the weirdness and annoyance of the whole situation, I have to wonder WHY DID THEY NEED SECURITY? They are chemists for God's sake. They're idea of doing harm is disproving somebody's theory in front of a room of their peers or fucking with another guys experiments or publishing something you know this other guy has been working on for a while. Was the tight security necessary? Damn.
To be continued...