Saturday, January 21, 2006

The advantages of being DD

Last night was a bacchanal celebration of Miss Alison's birthday. After an extremely long day at work, I sauntered into the restaurant for the bill-paying portion (the best part) and then walked with the group to Sheehan's, the local Irish pub. I decied to be designated driver because (a) I drove my car there, (b) I was very tired and onlyhad chocolate for dinner and vomit is even grosser when its shit brown, and (c) I had to work again today. In these older, wiser years of mine, I have come to realize that being DD has its advantages. You can act drunk and be a total asshole, but be completely cognizant of the whole thing. Anyone you want to tell off? Be DD one night, find what bar they are in, tell them off (don't forget to slur a little), and then have your friends say "I am so sorry, she is WASTED." I would post a picture of something fun and obnoxious from last night, but I didn't have my camera. Maybe if Alison cares she will send me one to post.

Also, Alison has the same birthday as GEORGE! So here is our plan...She and George will fall in love. They will get married. At the wedding, Heather and Jon and Leta will come. Larn, Alison, and I will have this fantastic time with the Armstrongs and become their best buds. And Alison will be related to the fabulousness that is dooce. I am such a blog-celebrity whore.


Blogger Cookie said...

Well I am glad someone is making plans for my future!!!

If I knew how to post a picture in a comment I would, but I guess you will have to wait until I update my blog. Or I could email you one of the 22 pictures you took without the flash on!

9:45 PM  
Anonymous larn gina said...

shame that i missed such a good time...did the ginger kid go??? i thought i was supposed to link up with george??? oh well...ali deserves a nice guy more than i do...hehehe....happy bday biz-natch

1:50 PM  

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