Thursday, December 08, 2005

Aloha, bitches

I am going to Hawaii and you're not.
It is freezing and snows everyday, BUT NOT IN HAWAII.
The hotel we are staying in is sick! They have penguins. And they feed them twice a day! God bless chemistry and its excellent taste in conference locations.

Also, there is a Louis Vuitton store IN THE HOTEL. I don't even have to go out to buy premium leather products. Coach (my current purse) will feel somewhat humbled in its presence. What do you think, should I upgrade? Obv.

Most importantly, I just bought this sweater to express my enthusiasm. I hope you like!

Life is like a hurricane...

JonJon, my younger bro, has a bit of a shame history, as do we all. This story came hurtling back at me when I saw this picture

Now, Jon had the jeans, the shirt, and the hat, but not the hair. He sported a jeri curl in the early '90s rather than a fro/mullet. The poster on the wall is Ducktales. This leads me to my story, so gather round...

In our elementary school talent show, Jonjon decided it would be totally radical to sing the theme song to Ducktales. It really was a bitchin' show. It gets better, though. Him and his two friends wore COSTUMES and sang along using a KAZOO. Get this image in your head and roll it around. I love you Jon, but God damn. Caitlin, I hope you read this and never forget this story. We do have it on video along with Jon dressed up in cowboy boots (HOT!) dance รก la Lord of the Dance meets Beverly Hillbillies. Oh well, I have my hall of shame too. Not like I'd share it here though.

The latest diet trend

Pistachios are the new diet food.
Why, you may ask?
So damn hard to open for such a small amount of yumminess. I eventually give up and not eat.