Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A little blurb for you

Yup long time.
Nope not much to say.
But I figured I should say something as it has been so long.
I think this is it, folks. All my witticisms and crazy ranting. You have heard it all. Learned all there is to know about the KMAD. That's kinda sad. I guess I am really shallow after all. Oh well, that's life.
Here are the pics I promised from the Sharonas 50th bash
This would be the Sharona, my mom. Isn't she just so cute? She always wears a tiara, by the way. I know, you were thinking, hey, she's got a birthday tiara, but no, that's just the Sharona. And her T-shirt, if you can't read it, says the following: Sharon 50 Maine. My Mimi, the fabulous grandmother that she is, got all of her children (thankfully not her grandchildren) T-shirts for this special occasion. They all contained the following information: Name (i.e. Sharon), Age (50) and the state they are from (Maine).
My Aunt Lisa got an even better one. She had the requisite information, name, age, and MAINE, but she also got a picture of a chicadee and the WORD CHICADEE. The chicadee is the Maine state bird, according to Mimi. Well, needless to say there was a lot of drinking at my family function and my friends and I got to literally chanting "Lisa, 42, chicadee, Maine." Try it, it does roll off the tongue. Especially after a zillion beers.

This picture here is of the Sharona and my cousin Markie. He got his head pushed in my Mom's cake. We can be a pretty rowdy bunch. If you look close enough, you can see the frost-writing (you know, writing on a cake in frosting, usually Happy Birthday, Bon Voyage, or other such crap) still in his hair. Don't worry, that frosting didn't go to waste. We still ate that too.

So I leave with you the prettiest sunset I have seen in awhile and happened to have a camera on me at the same time. Actually, this is pretty rare for me. Anyways, thought it was purty and wanted to share the loveliness with all of you. Pollution really does make a prettier sunset. Yeah toxic gases!!


Blogger Cookie said...

I heart shirts that say "LISA 42 Chickadee Maine" I think I may even have one

4:38 PM  
Anonymous larn gina said...

what a fun trip...we will have to do it again...i heart new england...too bad we didn't see angela bauer

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe you posted my picture on the www!

11:19 PM  
Blogger Kristen D said...

Mom, you can get a username. You don't have to be anonymous. Plus you look hot. I bet its not the only photo of you on the web

11:22 PM  

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