Wednesday, November 30, 2005

She's a lady, Whoa whoa whoa

Hey y'all, What's up? When I would write notes to my friends (okay, really only Ali) in junior high, the mandatory opener was Hey, Waz up (but an arrow pointing up). I was sooooooooooooooo cool. And original.
Past few days have been pretty exciting for me...Thanksgiving was celebrated with an awk-ward dinner. Originally, Prof and I had invited my two Canada best friends (Cookie and Larn) and his fave student (E-ban) to dine with us. Well, Cookie and E-ban were an item for about 2 years up until two or so weeks ago. Larn is E-ban's sister as well as one of Cookie's BFF, however she is at Waterloo. None of us thought things between Cookie and E-ban would get too weird because Larn would be there also. But no. She had to WORK. Can you believe it? I know. Who does that anymore? In all, it wasn't too weird. I am sure the fact that I couldn't be bothered to shower was worse than the fresh ex-s spending a day together. Here is a picture of my dirtiness.

The 29th was our third year wedding anniversary. Apparently that is leather. And we had a leather-ific year. I surprised the prof with dinner out at our favorite restaurant in St. Catharines, Wellington Court. Quite yummy food with copious amounts of red wine. The prof got me a card where he poured out his love and devotion to me. I didn't get him a card, so after dinner we went to the store to pick one up. That still counts, right? I took a picture of him then he took a picture of me so my blog-readers could feel like they were right there with us! Can't you taste the lamb rack and beef carpaccio?

Now, I must go in a completely different direction with this post. My mom commented on a previous post "I can't believe you put a picture of me on the web!" She comments anonymously. This all strikes me as quite mysterious. What are you hiding from Sharona? Are you a spy a la Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith? I'd buy it. To be the daughter you know and love, I will now present a little piece I like to call "Saber: Portraits of m-m-m-my Sharona"
On other familial matters, I have inspired my younger bro to start up a blog. Jon is an amazing young man who is too cute and you can't help but love him to pieces. He is currently a businessman (I'm not going to pretend to know what he does, he so has a Chandler job) but loves to cook and eat. His blog is a review of restaurants in Phoenix, the town he calls home. so if you live in the area or are going to visit, check it out. I know my readers couldn't be put off by colorful comments, but just in case, he does "go there". And since this is such a pic intensive blog, here is one of my Jon-Jon. He's taken, though ladies. Sorry Larn, I know you wanted to do him. Here is the man's blog. Hit it, yo.
That's it folks. I hope to post before my big trip to Hawaii, but if not, I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa and/or Solstice. Regardless of which holiday you celebrate, let's remember this is a time to give to others and show fellow human beings peace and love.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Anyone else notice how annoyingly enthusiastic that song title is? I mean, enough with the exclamation points already. has snowed. We had our first snow and I have kindly documented it for you. Yes, it has already melted. This is the "tropical" region of Ontario.

The prof looks sexy in our snowy front garden but Papaya just looks cold. Besides snowing, I have fab-o news. I have found direction and meaning in my life!!! No, really, I have!
My career choice is (make a drum roll sound)....High School Biology Teacher! (Now hit the cymbals!)

I have found a program that will allow me to get my Masters of Ed in about a year and be qualified to teach high school Biology. I am very excited. I have been watching Dead Poet's and Stand and Deliver for inspiration. They seem really patriarchal though, so think of me as the inspirational high school biology teacher who is not so "Hey, look at me and my penis!" Oh yeah, and hopefully no one will die in my class.

Another bonus of this program is it is at D'youville (pronounce it Do you vill, kinda funny) College in Buffalo; D'Youville is a small private college very similar to my beloved alma mater, College of Notre Dame except it is co-ed. Oh well, you can't have everything. I guess men have a little something to contribute. This means that 2 times a week I get to drive into Buffalo! There is something about being amongst other Americans; this is gonna get a little "America, Fuck Yeah
on you, but deal. Whenever I travel to another country, you get homesick for your countrymen, even though you can't believe half of them elected a monkey as Prez. I mean, these Canadians reference shows we didn't get (Polkaroo?? I think Wacko Jacko plays that one) and say things weirdly (Z as Zed??? really that freaks me out). I enjoy my trips to Buffalo. Lots of Spanish speakers there!

So, what else do you want from me? I give you snow AND meaning and direction in my life! Oh yeah, I lost 3 pounds. Took me 3 weeks, but to be fair, I didn't work too hard at it. I would like to lose weight without eating correctly or working out. Can anyone manage that for me? Yeah, and no pain or anything either. And it needs to be cheap. And I need to keep my boobs and ass, cause they rock. You can take my cottage cheese thighs and Jell-O tummy. Ahh, I don't really care honestly. Food is to yummy too stress over it. I'm gonna market that diet. The yummy one. You won't lose any weight. But the food is great!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A little blurb for you

Yup long time.
Nope not much to say.
But I figured I should say something as it has been so long.
I think this is it, folks. All my witticisms and crazy ranting. You have heard it all. Learned all there is to know about the KMAD. That's kinda sad. I guess I am really shallow after all. Oh well, that's life.
Here are the pics I promised from the Sharonas 50th bash
This would be the Sharona, my mom. Isn't she just so cute? She always wears a tiara, by the way. I know, you were thinking, hey, she's got a birthday tiara, but no, that's just the Sharona. And her T-shirt, if you can't read it, says the following: Sharon 50 Maine. My Mimi, the fabulous grandmother that she is, got all of her children (thankfully not her grandchildren) T-shirts for this special occasion. They all contained the following information: Name (i.e. Sharon), Age (50) and the state they are from (Maine).
My Aunt Lisa got an even better one. She had the requisite information, name, age, and MAINE, but she also got a picture of a chicadee and the WORD CHICADEE. The chicadee is the Maine state bird, according to Mimi. Well, needless to say there was a lot of drinking at my family function and my friends and I got to literally chanting "Lisa, 42, chicadee, Maine." Try it, it does roll off the tongue. Especially after a zillion beers.

This picture here is of the Sharona and my cousin Markie. He got his head pushed in my Mom's cake. We can be a pretty rowdy bunch. If you look close enough, you can see the frost-writing (you know, writing on a cake in frosting, usually Happy Birthday, Bon Voyage, or other such crap) still in his hair. Don't worry, that frosting didn't go to waste. We still ate that too.

So I leave with you the prettiest sunset I have seen in awhile and happened to have a camera on me at the same time. Actually, this is pretty rare for me. Anyways, thought it was purty and wanted to share the loveliness with all of you. Pollution really does make a prettier sunset. Yeah toxic gases!!