Tuesday, October 11, 2005

No X-cuses

It has been extraordinarily long since I have posted an entry and I have no excuse. Literally, no excuse. My bad.
The times, they have been good to me. This past weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving (it comes much earlier for Canadians, something about the harvest time, blah blah blah). All I know is we had a yummy turkey, Cecilia, who had a wonderful life on the free range, organic, grain-fed, no drug farm and she was kind enough to dedicate her life for us to have turkey coming out of our ears. The prof and I shared our dinner with a co-worker of mine and really had a nice evening. Then the next day we went for a hike in Short Hills and it was stunning. I would have pictures to show you, but my camera ran out of batteries and I have another pair, but I am not really sure where they are. Also, I didn't look for them. You're just going to have to trust me about this. The waterfall there was running, except it isn't like our most famous waterfall, Niagara. It is layered rock with just a cascade of water running over it so it makes a beautiful sound either like the wind or a car going by you. And the view is breathtaking. Except you have to stand on this platform to really get a good look at it and I can't step on it without having a mild stroke/heart attack because it is seriously like 10 stories high and I couldn't tell you what's supporting it. Really. Alls I see is a slippery slope (a literal one, not a philosophical one) covered in dirt and woodsy stuff and this deck plopped on top. Who are they kidding? Where have they decided to put in a post and say, that should do her. When do they maintenance this thing? When someone falls to their death? Well, I will not be that someone, I WILL NOT!

Oh, and we saw cool mushrooms in the woods too that I swear to Gap that smurfs lived there (plural of smurf=smurfs or smurves?). The prof was curious about experimenting with a few (he is a scientist, loves that trial and error thing) but we declined. Looked up smurfy mushroom on net when we got home, and lo and behold "super poisonous". I'm surprised we didn't die looking at the smurfing thing. Maybe that's how smurves keep people from eating their homes. Maybe it was a problem, you know, with yuppies foraging for the next edible, rare mushroom that Dean & Deluca could charge one zillion dollars a pound for . Poor smurfes.

Well, look at that. My devoted readership is all up to date. Once I find/buy new batteries for my camera, there will be a crapload of pics from the Sharona's ( mi mama) 50th bday bash. Tootles!