Thursday, September 01, 2005

Lorn of the Rings

Variations on the name Lauren:
Subcategory Larn-
  1. Larngina (replace the Larn with va and you know how to pronounce it)
  2. Larngitis
  3. Larn Barn
Subcategory Lorn-
  1. Lorn of the Rings
  2. Horny Lorny
  3. Oh My Lorn
  4. Fruit of my Lorns

A tribute to Larn who I don't want to go away to school again because my life will be an empty, hollow shell of what it used to be. You can walk and you can talk, can go to Brock! Stay, baby. You know you want to.


Anonymous ALI ALI ALI said...


Replacement friend.
Must be short, cute and heart shoes. Also must liked being called LARN and all its varitions.
Drop a resume off to the Sad Brock Girls whose Trio is down to two!

11:03 AM  
Blogger Kristen D said...

also, our new friend must:
play a musical instrument that sounds good with piano
show her crotch off
kick ass at mall madness
have very expensive gucci sunglasses

2:22 AM  

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