Friday, September 02, 2005

I'm on crack when I sleep

I have the craziest and therefore funniest dreams EVER. My dream last night was I found out that I wasn't really part of the Aber family, that my real family was super rich and I was secretly married to this old Indian guy with really black hair (kinda like this guy).

So, I had to tell my real husband that I had to be married to the old guy because he was there first, apparently. The prof was none too happy about that and so we (my current hubs, old Indian guy, and my new family) went to a convent (??) and I talked with a nun about my situation. She told me to follow my heart and do what I thought was right, so I walked out of the treehouse where I was having my consultation with the nun and went to old Indian guy and hugged him. I was telling him that I wanted to stay with the prof because it is him I truly love. However, the prof saw me hug the old guy and thought I had chosen him and he drove off in his tricked out mini van.

I sprinted after him and since I am super fast, he stopped his mini van and I got in. I told him I never wanted to be married to an old Indian guy; I only wanted to be married to him and I love him forever and ever. Then we drove off in the sunset in his mini van. And I wish only the best for old Indian guy.


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