Sunday, September 18, 2005

A few of my favorite things...

This entry by Maggie gave me such warm fuzzies, I had to flatter her and imitate:

1. When the prof wears fleece jackets
2. Vivacious children
3. Spanish accents
4. New sheets on my bed
5. Belly laughing
6. The smell of snow
7. When Mango head butts me
8. E-mails from long lost friends
9. Lavender
10. Full breakfasts on Sundays (eggs, bacon, toast, tea, and maybe some chocolate)

Now, things I don't care for:
1. Styrofoam (not so much an eco thing as a sensory thing; I can't stand the feel or sound of it)
2. Fake Maple syrup
3. Wal Mart
4. Fake baking
5. Inferiority complexes
6. Olives and Peas
7. Folding laundry/Putting clothes away
8. Aggressive drivers (I am a reformed one, though)
9. Hypocrites (best word for people who do yoga but don't embody the ideals OR people who go to church all the time but still don't act like Christians etc. etc. Would that be hypocrites? I guess so. What a cliche for the list, but still, I hates what I hates)
10. People who can't be silly

OK, this website REALLY burns me. Warning: DO NOT LOOK IF YOU ARE NOT READY TO BE SERIOUSLY PISSED. These people are evidence of humanity declining, not the people they are trying to kill or whatever they are trying to do to them. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

What can we do to these people to make them understand? Hey, wouldn't they hate it if we were to love them unconditionally!!! Especially us liberals and gay-friendly people. Yeah, that's what we should do.

So those are my lists of ten things I like and ten things I don't like. They are not necessarily my top ten in either category or they may be...I didn't really put a lot of thought into it, so, yeah. Tell me some of your fave/not so fave things in the comments. However, I suggest doing it the other way (don't like first, then likes) because you end on warm fuzzies rather than, AHHHH Why can't more people giggle? Enough for now, I've got eggs, toast, sausage, and tea waiting for me.


Blogger Cookie said...

Do you hate Fake baking as in tanning until your are orange or fake baking as in cresent rolls from a tube?? 'cause I have a serious pilsbury addiction!

5:41 PM  

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