Sunday, September 11, 2005

Chronic Fatigue this!

The Kmad is down! I wish I had an explanation for my recent exhaustion after lifting up my head, but sorr-ay, I don't. Nutritionist Jen says no more sugar for me, so I am sans sucre as of yesterday. I can still have fruit though, so I won't completely rip my own head off. I also need to take it easy, so the marathon I planned to run tomorrow and the triathlon on Thursday will be held off until further notice. However, I might be able to still build that house with my bare hands on Saturday...we'll see. (All those out there who don't know me well, please note the sarcasm.) Basically, the kmad is not a very active one and is catching up on all her blogs and TV.

Due to this fatigue-thingy, I pulled a classic first year and slept through my first day of class. Luckily on WebCT, the syllabus said it was introduction so hopefully it was just a "hey, you're in English. We're gonna read stuff in here." I did attend the prof's class to giggle with him about it later. He is so cute when he's up there lecturing and stuff. As a scientist, his choice of words are often slightly inaccurate in the meaning he is trying to convey. My favorite "for instance" is this gem:

"The amount of times you visit me outside of office hours is in direct proportion to your grade. It has a negative slope. So, be, you know, discreet about coming to see me outside of office hours."

What he meant: "Don't even fuckin' think about visiting me outside of office hours. If you do, I will hate you forever and ever. Oh yeah, and you'll get a point off your final average or something like that."

What the students probably heard: "Waahwahh woon wahh slope. Secretly come visit me outside of office hours."

Other news in my life: Larn has left the building!!! I am so sad and feel like I have lost a very important part of me, like my big toe. She has gone back to Waterloo, but she will return soon, maybe for Grape and Wine festival (a festival where we celebrate the fact that we can squeeze very bad to mediocre wine from this environment, but there's a lot of alcohol involved).

Therefore it has been a non-stop Larnfest for me the past few days including a sleepover Thursday night. This brings me to direct my readers to the great career opportunity with SM Candy OU. As I was watching this infomercial at 3 am in a chemically altered state, shall we say, I thought their website (spelling out SMC and you) meant they sold candy and I didn't get where all the candy was. I thought maybe in order to get the candy, you had to buy the really fuggo items they sold. Like, it was the candy packaging or something. This is a picture of the cowboy sculpture (would you call that a sculpture?) that is an excellent example of their fine craftsmanship.

Well, that about wraps it up for me. So make some noise and write comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

blah blah blah

2:23 PM  
Blogger Belinda said...

I want to die laughing at the thought of you going to that website and "looking for the candy", but I would wake up everyone else because I am, once again, Insomnia-Girl! Able to defy sleep at every turn, my personal Kryptonite being SUNRISE, at which point I collapse into a lethargic, sedentary heap, manic nighttime persona long-gone. Blecch. I hope you feel better soon.

5:25 AM  
Blogger Kristen D said...

I did go to the website looking for the candy. We even considered calling them, but plans are made and broken in the blink of an eye when you are in that state.
Sorry about the insomnia, I feel your pain, girl. But, isn't that what blogging is perfect for???!!!

10:45 AM  

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