Wednesday, September 07, 2005

5 whole days and I am one calm woman

I had to take a little hiatus because otherwise each and every post from here on out would have been the repressed activist in me raging and ranting and all that does is fuel the fire. So I like to try to keep it positive and I only know how to do that through humor.

I have taken this time also to read all of the back posts on my favorite blogs and I was super moved by all the moms out there. I want a baby in my belly, like now. Too bad the prof has a different idea. It is a constant source of discussion for us and I think both sides have valid points, but the bottom line is both of us need to be 100% on board. so that topic will be put on the shelf until further ado. I am sure if anything changes, it will be documented right here.

My day was filled with little chuckles throughout that make you happy to be alive. I am now a first year university student again starting my degree in English from the beginning. As this is Frosh week, I am surrounded by all the very young freshman and am excited by the prospect to revisit this time in my life with the maturity and stability I have now. (Note: Freshman year was a recovery period for the kmad. Much better this time around. much, much better.) I have been told VERY interesting stories about the ploys these young women use to get laid. First off are the club gear for a 9 am class. I showed up in a T-shirt that I am pretty sure was purchased before these peeps ever went to preschool and my boy-cut jeans from J Crew. Fun Pat asked where my belly chain was. Apparently I party fouled it with no belly chain.

Second thing these gals do is to go to Isaac's, the undergraduate bar/club on campus, and walk around with condoms hanging out of their pockets. Okay, yay for safe sex and I am far from being a prude, but what part of this is honesty? Do these women really just want a fuck and they don't care from whom? Or is it part of some challenge, a "look how cool I am" show off between women who are not sure of themselves yet?

Maybe I wasn't cool enough, but I was never able to have a hook up without feeling like the used american pie in the morning. But I did it more than I should because...I was really drunk and like to french kiss when I'm drunk, I thought that hooking up would make a guy fall madly in love with me, and maybe 10% of the time I was just randy and ready to go.

My other chuckles came in watching an unintentionally funny movie When Good Ghouls Go Bad. The best line ever in it is when the grandfather, who turns into a zombie, is trying to explain to his grandson how zombies exist (these quotes are an approximation):

Grandpa: Do you remember the weird kid down the street who would crush the fireflies and smear the glowing goo all over his face like war paint? And it would still glow? Do you know what caused that?
Boy: A chemical reaction...with the air or something
Grandpa: No, no, no, no. (Dramatic pause) It was magic!

I think magic is a good explanation for a lot of things and I am so glad this movie taught me that.

Once I upload my pictures from the past few days, be prepared for some intense photo posts. But first comes the uploading. Until then, stay fine, my bitches. And wish me well for my first day of school on Thursday.


Blogger Cookie said...

I heart it when my grandpa makes me call him Uncle Fred and also when he comes back to life as a Zombie and has a party with my dead Grandma. I also heart it when zombies that were previously thought to be evil have man crushes on there fellow zombies!

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