Sunday, August 28, 2005

Yes I am spending my Sunday playing with my blog. Sounds dirty, but it is.

Reasons why Canada rocks

1. Bollywood movies on Sunday afternoons

2. Summer highs are in the 90s

3. Snow!

4. 1 year paid maternity leave

5. Gay marriage

6. Paul Gross (that's his picture)

Reasons why Canada…not so great

1. War of 1812 taunts. Really people, the War of 1812?!

2. All French, no Spanish

3. Gas prices

4. Taxes

5. All the onion soup mix in the hamburgers


Blogger Ali said...

You need to get another job. I heard the phone ring but I can not speak. School starts tomorrow, and I have not planned........Make up something interesting and write about it so I may come back and read........bye miss you!

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Raiining said...

Hey Kristin. YEs I got the updated email. Glad to hear you're keeping busy ... ;)

7:46 PM  
Anonymous Mom said...

You are bizarre child!! As Ali says, "You need a job".

8:36 PM  

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