Friday, August 26, 2005

Like a virgin...blogged for the very first time

This is my first post on my first blog and it is very exciting. No really. Props to for inspiring me to post my randomness on the web for strangers to read and use to make fun of me. So, today I went to Waterloo, ON, also a first...what a day! This is the third place in my Canada I have ever been to. I live in St. Catharines, so check one, and spent a day with my future boytoy Adrian in Toronto ( he was about 2 months at the time, so we only held hands) and now What to do in Waterloo! My friend, Lauren (let's pronounce it Larn), goes to University of Waterloo and I drove her out there to check it out. By the way, I just realized how funny this is: at University of Waterloo she has a friend named Fernando! And she's Swedish and has an odd fondness for spandex (you know, the shiny kind). No, JKing about the Swedish and spandex.

Okay, back to my day, we stopped on the way at a very cool store named Grasshopper - an incense-infused hemp and tie-dye mecca, now with more patchouli! In this back outdoor spot, probably right next to the marijuana plants, were a whole bunch of pottery things for your garden. As a thank you for the ride, Larn bought me a red clay bunny who is very cute and doesn't have a name. Any thoughts? As she was purchasing the bunny, I saw a death ball hanging up and asked the friendly hippie clerk, "Hey man, what's up with the death ball?" He looked very confused and said "Excuse me?" I pointed to this item hanging up behind him that was made out of about 8 metal spikes arranged in a starburst pattern. He informed me it was a candle holder. I said, "Cool! So when you have people over for dinner you don't like, you can seat them under the death ball and when they really piss you off, you cut the string to the death ball and they get pierced by metal spikes AND hot candle wax pours all over them. Sick!" He was not impressed. I wanted to reassure him that it really was just a joke and Larn I think said something to the effect of, "She's kidding. She eats organic, so you know..."

After the Grasshopper and the death ball, the day was just a mudslide into my massive migraine that my wonderful husband made go away.

Considering this is my first post, I'll stop here. Don't want to strain anything. Plus, don't know who in the hell might even read it so...yeah. Maybe Larn will read it since she's in it. Maybe hippie dude at Grasshopper too. Let's hope, okay?


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