Monday, August 29, 2005

Greatest new Web Site ever!

You have to check out this website, especially if you are a audiophile:
An amazing wealth of information about musicians you may know or may not, but they will definitely entertain.
That's what I have been doing with my evening and thought I should share. Not to mention getting comments from all of you about how I need a job. My response: No I don't need a job, just a life. Don't hold your breath, I just don't see it happening.

I watched, like, 5 minutes of the MTV VMAs, just enough to see PDiddy, oh, I'm sorry Diddy, look like an egotistical frat boy. All I could think in his little opening sequence was how fun would it be if he had anal leakage while trying to do his dance sequence in his white suit. I mean, think about it, shit stains on Diddy. That would knock him down a few. Let's make him like us, not that I often have anal leakage.

Then I watched a blond?! LL (Lindsay Lohan) with Nelly introduce the first award. Lindsay my love, you are the tough, somewhat bitchy redhead. You went blond because...Tara Reid did? Go back to your roots, keep it real, and eat a fuckin' cheeseburger or 10.

After that I remembered the Simpsons were on and I ditched that shit. My mom wouldn't let me watch the Simpsons growing up and I think God did me a favor and kept them on the air so long so I could eventually grow up, move out of my house, and watch the Simpsons whenever I please. The funny thing is, if she gets wind that I am watching the Simpsons, she'll say something along the lines of, "You are not allowed to watch that." And of course, I change the channel to Little House on the Prairie IMMEDIATELY! (Hi Mom) Its a good thing she hasn't watched Family Guy yet.


Anonymous ALIALIALI said...

But did you see the part of the awards show where MC hammer made an appearance?? He was wearing a baggy suit and no Hammer pants, but he did do the hammer shuffle!
Well I should get back to work now

10:32 AM  

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