Sunday, August 28, 2005


I am such a bonehead. I have been all bummed this weekend that NO ONE has read my blog! I have been cursing my friends and family for their lack of loyalty. Yeah, really the e-mail I sent out to everyone about my blog I neglected to include the address. Whooo. Good job. Okay, all friends and family are no longer cursed. However, you all have no excuse to read and comment. A'ight?


Anonymous ALI ALI ALI said...

So yeah... I am glad that I finally found your blog! Good times!1 You better update it all the time so that I have something to occupy my time whilst I am supposed to be working. Work sucks. Wanna hear a funny story?? So yesterday I was eating some crackers at Eban's house and after eating about a quarter of the sleeve of crakers I noticed something on the cracker in my hand. Upon closer inspection I discovered that it was an ant. I then looked at the sleeve and realised that there were hundreds of ants inside and I had been happily eating them! Yum Yum!!
Wellington Court was good.. Maybe if you are nice I will share some details!!

5:11 PM  

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